Mod Podge Rocks ... GIVEAWAY

Confession time. I love Mod Podge. It's one of those crafting items that has been around forever and has been found in art classrooms forever as well. My Mod Podge love runs deep, but not as deep as Amy Anderson's. Unless you live under a blogger rock, I'm sure you all know who Amy Anderson is. She has this fun blog called Mod Podge Rocks and it is When we first started blogging, I won a Mod Podge starter pack on Amy's blog and she had to email me about it. I managed to work up the nerve to email her back and ask her some blog questions since I was completely lost on how to be a blogger (I may still be sort of lost, but that's another story). Can I just gush for a second and tell you how floored I was when Amy emailed me back and was SO nice and helpful and asked good questions to help me think through blogging? It was awesome. From that moment on, I was even more of an Amy fan than I was before. I know I am rambling but here is the point - Amy wrote a book. A really cool book. A book all about Mod Podge called, what else? Mod Podge Rocks ... and Lark Crafts sent us a copy to review. Swoon. 

I was so excited to get this book that when it came in the mail. I had the urge to open it right then and there but fought it and waited until Macie was down for a nap (at Miranda's) so we could bust it open. This book is the ultimate Mod Podge tutorial. It breaks down the all of the different types of Mod Podge that are made and the basic techniques for use. There are lots of pictures, which I love and there are over 40 projects to look at with full instructions. Want to Mod Podge some shoes? In there. Want to make a clock? In there. Want to redo a lamp? Yup, it's there too. There are so many ideas in here and I promise, your creative juices will start to flow once you see some of the great pictures in this handy book. You are going to immediately start searching for your Mod Podge. What?? You don't have any in the house?? You need to fix that. Actually, maybe we can help with that. Since Lark Crafts is so great, we didn't get just one copy of Mod Podge Rocks, we got TWO. One for us and one for ... one lucky you. But wait, there's more! (insert infomercial joke here) They also sent us a fun bag full of Mod Podge goodies for the lucky winner. 

Don't laugh at my picture of with the bag, I didn't dare open it to get a better picture - I would have starting using the awesome Vintage Mod Podge that's right there in the bag. If you aren't feeling particular lucky today, go over to Amazon and you can own your very own copy for $14.95. This morning I went on to check the price and it is marked down to $9.65, I'm not sure how long they will have it that low - so jump on it! If you are feeling lucky and want the sweet swag, enter to win with Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. 

As a side note, Miranda and I received our own sweet swag box from Plaid last week FULL of Mod Podge goodness. We should have recorded the opening of the box - it was epic. We acted like idiots. "Look at THIS!" "OHHHH!" "WHAT?!?!" "We HAVE to use THIS!" Apparently we can get pretty excited over craft supplies, but seriously peeps - LOOK!

Like I said, Mod Podge goodness - so be on the lookout for some podging projects in the future. Now go enter for your very own copy of Mod Podge Rocks and goodie bag!!!

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