Vintage Cocktail Wine Rack

We are so excited to share this fabulous project with you today - it's been in the works for a little while now, and it's been hard to keep to ourselves!  As you probably know, we've been working with Plaid Crafts and Mod Podge for a campaign that features some new products that were released in May of this year.  Yesterday, we revealed our adorable little wine charms made with the new Mod Podge podgeables - and today we're going to reveal our completed wine rack.  Are you excited?

Here is this sad, sorry little wine rack before, sitting in the kitchen.

Isn't it pathetic?  It's been the bane of my existence since I got married.  It came with the husband, and you know how that is.  First of all, I hate the color.  Second, it's cheap furniture.  Third, we NEVER have it stocked, making it look doubly pathetic.  

When Jamie & I were brainstorming ideas for this week's Mod Podge mania, we knew this had to be a project, especially after we decided on making the wine charms that we featured yesterday.  

And of course - what two better products to put together than Mod Podge and Annie Sloan?  ARE YOU DYING YET?  

So here is what we did - we painted the entire wine rack with several coats of Annie Sloan in French Linen.  Remember, no sanding or priming needed (score!)  

We also knew we wanted one side to be magnetic, so before we painted that side with the ASCP, we coated it with several coats of magnetic paint.

You have to mix this stuff up REALLY well.  It's looks pretty gross, and it took us 3-4 coats to make it magnetic enough to hold a magnet or two.  

Let each coat dry fully before adding the next coat.  Once you have all your coats painted, you'll want to sand it down to get a smooth finish.  And then we just covered that with the Annie Sloan.

We also knew that we wanted the wine rack to hold wine glasses, and not just bottles.  This is when we got to be HARDCORE and bust out the jigsaw.  Be amazed.  Be awed.  Be scared.

Ok, moving on.  We cut one of the rack levels out of the wine rack to make room for glasses.  

Somehow I can't find the dang picture of this step - maybe I realized I shouldn't snap pictures while using a jigsaw.  

Anyway, once that was done, it was time for the fun.  If you follow me or Jamie on Pinterest, you might have seen some vintage cocktail images get pinned.  We went on a pinning spree one afternoon while the kids were napping.  When we had a good selection, we just printed them off on the printer, trimmed around the edges and went to work mod podgeing them on the top of the wine rack.

First...carefully place your images so they look like they were not carefully placed.

Grab your Mod Podge, and your excellent Mod Podge tools and get to work.  We covered the backs of the images with Mod Podge, and stuck them down to the top of the table, smoothing wrinkles as we went.  Then we went over the tops and edges of the papers, continuing to smooth out the wrinkles.

Once that was dry, we went over the papers with the new Super Gloss formula Mod Podge, which is ONLY to be used as a finish.  

(We definitely need more practice with this - we found that the papers started bubbling up a lot under this formula but it gives a good shine so we definitely want to give it another go)  When the super gloss was dry, we sprayed several coats of another new Mod Podge product - the Clear Acrylic Sealer.  This added even more shine to the top, and gave it a nice finished look.

When all of that was done, we added a thin layer of Annie Sloan wax to the rest of the wine rack, and then gently sanded the edges for a distressed look.  One more thin coat of Annie Sloan wax, and the wine rack was complete.  And we LOVE it.

And one quick, final podgeable craft idea - magnets!  Remember how we magnetized the side of the rack?  Jamie cut out some cute cocktail images by using the podgeable template.  She then mod podged the picture onto the podgeable shape, and added some of the fun dimensional magic for glittery flair!  Just add an adhesive magnet to the back, and that's all there is to it.

And there you have it - a wine rack that I'm no longer embarrassed by - complete with magnets, some vintage cocktail recipes, and covered in bright, kitschy images that add a playful vibe to the whole thing.

What do you think?  I am loving the playful pop of color it adds to my kitchen!