A DIY Gel Air Freshener

You may know that I live in a house with a few members of the opposite gender. I'm the only female in my house, and I'm not going to point fingers or make a crass generalization but I'm just going to state a fact, which is, I enjoy air fresheners in my home.
Usually these come in the form of scented candles (always obsessed with Sun & Sand and MacIntosh)

But with a toddler roaming around and my total ADD way of existing, I usually leave my candles unlit. I have been known to light a candle and forget about it.  Once, for 2 days.  I AM NOT EVEN LYING.  I thank the good Lord that nothing happened, and that I didn't burn my house down or injure anyone.  I really hope my husband isn't reading this post.

Ok let's get back to the point.  Me = Flighty and Boys = Stinky.  Got it?

I have never thought about making my own air freshener (outside of potpourri, which for some reason seems so 1994 to me, and I apologize right now for my potpourri narrowmindedness).  But when I saw this post about a DIY gel air freshener, I thought it seemed like the perfect solution.  I could control the fragrance which means no more standing at the grocery store and sniffing each and every freshener until I feel high.  It also meant I could customize the jar, decorations and color of the gel.  It looked easy enough, so I got to work.

(Apparently I'm loving projects in a jar lately...)

Here's what you'll need:

- heat proof jars (I used mason jars, because I have a million and what's cuter than a mason jar?)
- 4 packages of instant unflavored gelatin
- food coloring
- salt
- essential oils or fragrance of your choice

First you'll prepare your jar(s).  This entire recipe filled up one pint jar, but you can use several smaller jars if you want to put these throughout your home.  Add a few drops of coloring, and approx 30 drops of essential oil or fragrance.  The more drops, the stronger the fragrance (obviously!)

Now, you'll boil 1 c of water on the stove.  When the water is boiling, you'll pour your gelatin packages into the pot.  WHISK.  WHISK FURIOUSLY.  I'm not even kidding, peeps - this stuff gets jelly like pretty fast and if you aren't furiously whisking you'll get clumps.  I may or may not be speaking from experience.  Once your gelatin is dissolved due to your professional grade whisking, you'll want to add 1 more cup of cold water and 1 Tblsp of salt.  The salt will help your gel from getting moldy, so don't forget this part!  Continue stirring until the salt is dissolved, and then pour into your prepared jars.  Stir with a wooden stick or spoon and let sit overnight until gel is set.

Then, decorate your jar!  I added a breathable fabric (burlap) and fastened with a mason jar lid ring, but you could leave it open completely - no lid needed!

I added a cinnamon fragrance to this candle to get me in the mood for fall!  It smells great in our downstairs bathroom - I can't wait to make a few more.  What scent would you use?