Headbands to the Rescue

Macie's hair is out of control. I know we've talked about it before, but seriously, it's getting insane. She even knows it's out of control. As soon as she wakes up in the morning she wants a clip in her hair so she can see. Such a needy kid. This morning I had to go to the podiatrist (because I am an old lady all of a sudden) and I realized that we had NO CLIP! Big time mom fail. As I frantically searched through my purse, I came up with one of my headbands and decided to give it a shot. Guess what I found it? My adult headband fit Macie perfectly. My kid has a big head ... or big hair, I'll let you be the judge.

yup, big hair.

With my new discovery of headbands working for Macie, I decided it was high time to make her a few cute elastic ones like mine, but more "little girl" and less "mom stuck her headband in my hair." There are pins all over the place for elastic hair ties (and ps - why did I not think of those hair ties??) because they are literally the world's easiest thing to make. 

The pin from Could I Have That, proves the simplicity. I decided to change up the size and make it a headband size for Miss Out-of-control-hair. I also grabbed some material and lace to make some flowers to add a little something. 

First things first. Find some elastic and cut it the length you want for the headband, keeping in mind that you need to knot the end and that it stretches. Cut the elastic. Fold it in half. Make a knot at the end. Trim ends. DONE. Got it? Perfect.

After finishing that strenuous headband, I got a scrap of fabric out and started to twist it. After a small twist onto itself, hot glue the fabric onto itself and keep twisting. Every few twists continue to hot glue so that a round disc starts to take shape to become a flower. Once the flower becomes a good size for the headband, glue the last twist and glue a bit of the fabric to the back of the flower to give it some extra stability. I chose to sew the flower to the headband for a little extra durability. Macie has a tendency to pull her headbands off by the flowers and bows. If your have a child that doesn't yank at the headband (or you don't yank at your headband), you could hot glue the fabric to the headband. 

I also made a lace flower by simply making loops for petals with the lace and sewing it down to secure the petals in place. I hot glued a button for the center and BAM, done.

Two headbands took me about fifeteen minutes to make and it would have been faster if I hadn't burned myself with the dang hot glue gun. I swear that gun hates me, I burn myself every time. Who says crafting isn't dangerous??

After Macie woke up from her nap, I tried to get her to model the headband for me. She was reluctant but after some bribery with Super Why, she reconsidered. 

I think she likes the headband...maybe.