Homemade Pizza Rolls

My kids LOVE pizza.  Yes, I realize most of you could probably make the same statement about your own kids - or even yourself.  Even the toddler loves it.  He'll scarf down more slices than I can - it's like somehow his little brain knows this is a special treat and he better just enjoy it.

The other day my husband and I were watching tv and a commercial for Totino's pizza rolls came on.  He made the comment that he'd never had a Totino's pizza roll, and I think my jaw hit the floor.

I need the cone of safety here, because I'm going to make a confession.

I. Love. Totino's.

*hangs head in shame*  Honestly, I do.  I haven't eaten them in years - seriously, years...but there was a time that I am not proud of where I lived off their reduced fat pepperoni rolls, tricking myself into thinking I was doing something HEALTHY.  Bahahaha.  Oh, naivety...

But really, they are freaky good.  Addictively (is that a word?) good.  Oh so bad for you good.  Full of everything that's wrong with American food...right?

Still though - how does a grown man make it through life without ever popping one of these pepperoni morsels of goodness in his mouth?  Since I'm not willing to go out and bring them into the home, I decided I would find a make at home version so he could at least get a little idea - a glimpse - of what he'd been missing all these years.

Enter Dashing Dish and her awesome recipe.  The only thing I did differently was to omit the sweetener - I just didn't think it would be necessary.

This recipe is easy - you can tweak it a hundred different ways, use a hundred different fillings, and control exactly what you put into it.  My kids loved these.  My husband loved them.  They are yummy little snacks, and would make a great appetizer.  Throw some at your kiddos for lunch with some veggies on the side and they'll think you are awesome.


Are you convinced yet?  Good...you'll be glad you made these, and your family will love you!

"Skinny" Pizza Rolls 
(Honestly, I'm not sure how skinny they are - the orig recipe says each pizza roll is worth 1 {WW} pt which sounds great until you realize if you eat them for lunch you'll probably end up eating the same amount of points as a slice of real pizza, but to each their own...)


1/2 c. shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 c. pizza sauce
24 wonton wrappers
package of mini turkey pepperoni
basil, oregano to taste or 1 tsp italian seasonings
pinch of black pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/8 c. parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Mix sauce, mozzarella cheese, spices and pepperoni in a bowl.  Spoon a small scoop into the center of each wonton wrapper.  To seal the wrapper, dip your finger in a small dish of water, and run it along the 2 edges of the wrapper.  Fold into a triangle and seal.  The water acts sort of like a glue to make the wonton wrapper stay closed.

Then, you can brush with olive oil and sprinkle with parmesan cheese, or let it be.  Bake for 10 minutes or until tops are golden brown.


The wonton wrapper gives it a nice, crispy crust similar to the store bought version - and I am imagining all kinds of grown up toppings inside - feta cheese and spinach?  Tomato and basil?  Mmmm...these were a definite winner for our family.  I doubled the recipe and kept them in the fridge for snacking and lunches for a few days.