DIY Ball Chain Wrap Bracelet

Macie seems to have a thing for jewelry. I have no idea where she got it from because I barely wear jewelry. I went to a baby shower this past weekend and had to reopen my ear holes to put in some earrings. I have seven ear piercings and couldn't get earrings in.  Yeah, I know it's sad. All that said, I don't wear a lot jewelry anymore. Macie on the other hand will become friends with anyone that has big earrings, bracelets and a necklace. She loves the bling. Allen bought me a fun wrap bracelet a few weeks ago and Macie tries to take it off of me every time I wear it. She gets so mad that I don't let her wear it. Keeping all of this in mind, Macie and I made a little voyage out today. We went to ... wait for it ... the new Michael's. Yup, we are that exciting. Of course we had to walk around the entire store since it's brand spanking new. Man, am I glad we did. While looking for some supplies for my own wrap bracelet project, I spotted the dollar section and found a pack of kids bracelets for $1. Macie was so excited that she held the package the rest of the time in the store. She couldn't wait to get those little shimmery bracelets on. I swear, it was sheer glee, she's worn them all day. It cracks me up. They are so girly and sparkly with little hearts, she loves them. While she got all googley eyed over her new bracelets, I got to work on my own, not quite as girly bracelets. 

I had seen a pin from about making a bracelet out of ball chain and decided to make a couple adjustments and make it a wrap bracelet. I liked the idea of an easy bracelet that didn't use beads and wouldn't take a hundred years to make. Since I wasn't exactly sure what length I wanted it to be, and I wasn't super sure how much of each material I would need, I did what I do best - I guessed. 

I picked up some ball chain at Lowe's (have I mentioned that they are a great place to find your crafting needs??). It comes in 6 ft lengths so I pulled out the trusty wire cutters too. I wanted the bracelet to wrap, but 6 ft seemed extreme. I also picked up a package of waxed cotton thread and leather cord. I cut the leather cording into a 4ft length and then folded it in half to make a small loop. After that, I ran the waxed cotton thread along the leather cord by the loop and wrapped it several times around to secure the end. Next up, the ball chain. I placed it along the leather cord and then wrapped the waxed cotton thread tightly around the chain, in-between each of the balls. Continuing this ... for a long, long time. 

Once you have reached the length that you want for the bracelet, time to grab the trusty wire cutters and snip the end of the ball chain off. I wrapped the waxed cotton thread around the end of the chain and then wrapped it around the leather cord a few times to secure it tightly. You can add something to end if the bracelet to act as a clasp, but I just knotted it twice and that worked perfect! I wrapped that baby around my wrist and BAM - done!!

Now I have a new bracelet and Macie is so happy with her shimmery hearts, she won't even try to steal it - yet.