Fingerpainting Artwork Fun!

It has been stupid perfect weather lately, and although we've been cooped up in the house for what seems like an eternity, I try to take the kids out when I can so we can just breathe in the goodness that fall is bringing our way.

And, honestly, I'm always looking for reasons to strip my kid down to a diaper, stick him in the front yard with some paint and watch him go to town.

Ok, not really.

But this was a fun and easy project that turned out so adorable - and Beckett is still too young to feel humiliated by the fact that he was half naked in our front yard.  In hindsight, if I did this again I'd actually stick him in his highchair.  Kid is obsessed - and I don't use that term lightly - with cars, trucks and motorcycles.  Any time a car drove down the street, he started going "Vroom vroom vroom" and pointing wildly at the vehicle.

If, however, you can get your toddler to stay put better than I can - this is a great outside project, although my fingerpaints were washable and did come out pretty easily - I just think it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to kids and paints.

Grab yourself a canvas, some finger paints, a cute kid and some vinyl letters/stickers.  I cut out Beckett's name with my Cricut, using adhesive vinyl but the original pin actually uses just tape.  Place your letters across the canvas, squirt out the paint and let the child run wild.

Like I said, next time I'd stick him in his high chair though - he was way more interested in pointing out cars and trying to skateboard.

It still turned out pretty cute though...even if the "sunshine" doesn't exactly still look like a sunshine.  Ah, well!  I love that we were able to make his first finger painting into a fun piece of art for his room!

Inspired by As Time Flies