Pillow Talkin...again

Enjoy another oldie but goodie post - these sweater pillows were first featured on the blog in November of last year. Since our weather is starting to cool off here in Charlotte, these pillows will be making their re-entrance into our living room!

So, if you're a regular reader you may remember my previous blog post and confession about my throw pillow obsession.

I love pillows.  Like, seriously, a lot.  And yes, the ones at my house often get kicked aside, shoved in a basket, or thrown to the other side of the room but still I PERSEVERE.  I am, after all, the only chick in this house and sometimes a little girlyness is a must.

This is a totally doable, cold weather inspired, inexpensive idea for cute throw pillows.

Introducing:  The Sweater Pillow

Yeah, I am sure you have seen these babies floating around Pinterest too...they kept popping up over and over again and I was repeatedly drawn to the idea.  I love sweaters, I love pillows - seemed like a big fat win in my book.

I took a morning and headed over to my local Goodwill, where I picked up two similar women's sweaters for a whopping $3.79 a piece.  Then I came home, washed and dried them and got to work.

The sweaters I bought were women's size Medium and Large.  I would totally suggest this, because it means less cutting and sewing for you.  You'll lay your pillow form down on the sweater, and cut around it, leaving about a half inch seam allowance for sewing.  Honestly, I totally eyeballed this - it's hard to screw this project up.  Since I had a M and L sweater, the pillow fit perfectly inside it - I just had to cut off the top part of the sweater.

What you'll have left is a square - with the top and bottom open.


Turn the sweater inside out, and sew a seam along the top edge of the sweater.  Then, turn it right side out, tuck the pillow inside and handstitch the bottom closed.   Easy, right?

Embellish with flowers, buttons, whatever you like.  I loved the original pin so much, I was a total copy cat and added flowers to mine.  I adore these pillows.  I want to curl up next to them with a good book, a cozy afghan and a mug of hot coffee.  Don't you?

The pin that inspired it all from Brassy Apple.