Fall Tablescape with Martha Stewart Crafts

I am so excited about today's post - if I wasn't so self conscious, I'd post a video of myself doing the happy dance.  But alas, I am not quite ready to let you all see what a big, dorky, dancin' fool I am when it comes to craft products.  Plaid Crafts along with Martha Stewart Crafts sent us a box of Martha Stewart products to check out and it was chock full of awesome things.

I brought the box over to Jamie's house one night after the children were snuggled tight in their beds, dreaming of paints and stencils and silkscreens and - oh wait, those are my dreams - of Elmo, and legos, and cars and Blues Clues...

and we got to daydreaming about what we might want to make with all of these awesome products.  We settled on a fall tablescape and I think you're going to love what we've put together.  Ready?

1} Burlap Table Runner

Items Needed:

- burlap
- satin paint in fall colors
- Martha Stewart holiday icon stencil package

This was an easy and inexpensive craft using Martha's paints and fall stencils.  We simply cut the burlap to the appropriate size and then used her leaf stencil from her holiday icon stencil package to stamp a pretty leaf pattern all over the runner.

2} Votive Candle Holder

We were dying to try out these awesome new adhesive silkscreens.  We wanted to make some decorative votive candle holders.  These silkscreens are so great - it was a little tricky to get it to stick to the curved glass, but we both were absolutely in awe of how great the process worked and how delicate and intricate the design turned out.  The silkscreens work on fabric, metal, wood, tin, glass and hard plastic.  

Items Needed:
- glass votive
- glass paint
- foam pouncer
- Martha Stewart adhesive silkscreen in floral paisley

On a curved surface like we had, you stick the adhesive to the glass, smoothing out any wrinkles.  Because we had a small area to work with and it was glass, we used a foam pouncer to gently tap the paint on the glass.  While the paint is still wet, you carefully peel the silkscreen off and let dry.  Make sure to wash and dry your silkscreen in between uses, and especially in between color changes!

Isn't it so pretty?  I just absolutely love the intricate design and detail - it's so different from a stencil.  I can't wait to use these again in future projects.

Once that was done, we wanted to add some pumpkins to our tablescape.  It's not fall without pumpkins, right?  Enter the liquid gilding in bronze.  This is by far, my favorite part of the entire tablescape.  

3} Bronze Pumpkins

Items Needed:

- small pumpkins
- white paint for basecoat
- Martha Stewart liquid gilding

Because we had real pumpkins that were porous, we first coated them in a plain basecoat of white paint.  

Once the paint had dried, we started painting with the liquid golding.  We love love love how this product looks when it's dry.  Just use a few thin coats of this, letting each coat dry in between.  Use this in a well ventilated area!

Our table is getting prettier, isn't it?

4} Personalized Napkin Rings

Items Needed:

- wooden napkin rings
- Martha Stewart pearl paint
- Martha Stewart chalkboard paint
- Martha Stewart holiday icon adhesive stencil
- foam pouncer and small brush

We simply painted these with Martha Stewart pearl paint.  When that paint was dry, we added a swipe of her chalkboard paint.  The chalkboard paint will allow you to personalize your rings with a name or initial.  To complete our rings, we added a small leaf with the use of the small adhesive stencil from the holiday icon II pack.

And last, but not least - Martha now has a satin finish spray paint kit available.  This allows you to use any of her satin paint in SPRAY PAINT FORM.  Cool, right?  

5} Spray Painted Lanterns

Items Needed: 

- small lanterns {or other object to be painted}
- satin paint
- Martha Stewart satin finish spray paint kit

Jamie snagged those lanterns for a dollar a piece at Target!

This kit makes things pretty easy.  You'll take the satin paint medium that's included and mix it with the satin paint you want to use.  You have to use a 1:1 ratio which stressed us out at first, trying to determine how to measure it, but AHA!! there are handy little measuring lines on the side of the container.  Ahem.

Once we had our paint and medium accurately measured, we started spraying our lanterns.  We wanted to go for a rustic look, so we just used a very light coating of the paint, so the original dark color would show through.  Don't you love how it turned out?

And there you have it - a Martha Stewart inspired fall tablescape.  Easy to create and fun to do - and best of all, so much more inexpensive than buying it in a store!  And you can create and personalize it according to your tastes and preferences!

What kinds of things would you use for your tablescape?  

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