Family Photos and Drum Roll PLEASE .....

About a month or two ago I came to a horrible realization, we have no family pictures. Yeah, I know - complete mom fail. We got family pictures the day that Macie was born and that only happened because a photographer came into our hospital room and offered to take the pictures! It could have been the fact that I hadn't slept for over two days or the fact that my brain wasn't working from having a baby less than 12 hours earlier, but I said yes to her and we got our first family photos. Yup, that was the last time we had family pictures taken - go me.

After being on Pinterest all the time and seeing all of the cute ideas for family pictures, and how on top of it the rest of the world seems to be and keeping in mind that Macie is 21 months old, I decided that it was time to get my act together. I want to re-do our entry wall with family photos and I want to be able to send out some sort of fun RECENT family Christmas card this year so I made an appointment for some family photos!!

Allen and I got married at the Anne Springs Greenway, it's one of our favorite places in the area and now that we are back in Charlotte and so close to the Greenway, we met Rich from RaeElle Photography over there and took some pictures. If you live in the Charlotte area, you need to give Rich a call. He captures great moments and has such a good eye for the right shot and my personal favorite - he withstood the humid, hot evening with us and was super laid back about my many questions and weird requests. Can I tell you how much I love these pictures??

This is my hand down favorite picture of Macie. I just love it.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to make it huge and hang it on our wall. Don't you think it would look amazing giant?? I see a project in my future.

 Ahh, a cute little family shot (sans a smile from the wee one). And just to clarify - no that is not our house in the background. I don't want you to think we're that fancy!

 Is there anything cuter than a little girl with her daddy? Macie loves Allen so much and loves to go on walks with him. This shot just makes my heart happy. 

Oh did I forget to mention something about the photo shoot??? It could be a certain addition coming soon that prompted all the thinking about family photos. (Rich rocked this out. He even painted the clothes pin to ensure it would stand out for the shot!) For those are of that are still confused --- it's true. We are going to be adding to our crazy little family in the beginning of April. I have a tendency to lose my mind during pregnancy so consider yourselves warned!