Glitter Candles

You know it's almost November which means the holidays are here!!  I love love love holiday time - and I love decorating for it.

This is a fun, easy project (WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!) that takes no time at all, but will add a little holiday sparkle to your house, mantle or table!

This barely needs a tutorial, but I love you guys so you're going to get one anyway.  You're welcome.

Supplies needed:

 - pillar candles or votive candles
 - Mod Podge or other type of glue/adhesive
 - glitter
 - masking or painters tape
 - sealant (optional)

Find some candles - or buy them, but I happened to have a bunch of boring white candles lying around so I grabbed them.  Then, using masking tape or painters tape, mark around the candle where you want the glitter to go.

Then I brushed Mod Podge all over the part of the candle below the tape that I wanted to be glittery.  And then you get to the fun part, which is pouring glitter all over it.  I could barely contain my inner 3rd grade self for this part.  It was tempting to start glittering everything around me, but I stuck to my candles.

I let mine dry, and then sprayed a sealant around the glitter to keep it from flaking off all over my house.  NOW - I do NOT plan to light these puppies.  I feel like the combination of glue and sealant might be a smaaaaall fire hazard and I don't want to tempt fate.  Plus I have a habit of lighting candles and then forgetting all about them.  Oops.

So if you want to light these, I would skip the sealant and watch them carefully!

Ok, safety disclosure over.

Aren't they pretty though?

What should I glitter next?!

Glitter inspiration from Science, Softball & Something Sweet