Making Some Stitch Markers

Well to give you the weekly update on my knitting -- I'm working away on the baby blanket. I started the fourth color last night so I'm declaring that I am a little over a third done. YAY! This is me being excited. 

Since I'm suddenly knitting more and getting things together in my knitting bag, I realized that I have lost a lot of stitch markers. One thing a knitter can't be without is a stitch marker - they keep you sane! I came across a pin from Miss P on how to make some stitch markers and decided to give it a shot. It didn't seem hard. 

Here's the thing, I didn't love her instructions. They are good instructions, but I like things to be easy easy so I sort of changed things up. You only need a few things.

  • Jewelry Wire (I used 18 gauge)
  • Beads of any kind (use broken jewelry if you have it)
  • Wire Cutters 
  • Knitting needle (I used a size 13 to make sure that the marker would fit most needles)

1. Get your beads and wire out. (tough step)
2. Cut a small piece of wire off (a little under 2 inches) and bend it into a circle. Place the bead in between the ends of the wire.
3. Pinch the wire around the bead while holding it tight. 
4. Place the wire on the needle and then twist the wire a few times until the bead is tight.

Ta-Da! You can make stitch markers any length you want and they only take a few minutes to make. Seriously, these are easy and since they only take a few minutes, I don't think I'll get angry when I inevitably lose some of these markers. And yes, I know I will lose them because that's what I do - I slack on knitting projects and I lose stitch markers.