An Easter Egg Centerpiece

I know that Easter is early this year, but I still can't believe it's around the corner. We were in the middle of some beautiful spring weather a week or so ago and I started allowing my spring wheels to start turning. Notice how I said - WERE?? That's because the last few days have been so cold. I am trying to be careful not to complain too much since I know some of you poor souls are getting snow. I would cry. Real tears. I would cry. While my spring wheels were turning, I had the idea of making a fun Easter centerpiece. I'm pretty sure the idea was just an excuse to try my hand at a pin I have been eyeing forever. It was however, a fail. The fail was all my fault though.

I have been looking at this idea from Oh Happy Day forever. I love how she printed off some words, taped it to a glass, traced them and BAM - cute glass. I wanted to do the same thing with a couple lemonade bottles I'd been saving...however... it didn't work. I couldn't get the paper into the bottle to trace it so I tried to tape it on the back and well, that made the words wonky. In the end, I decided to scrap my original plan for the words and wing it. Winging works sometimes. 

I still had the DecoArt Paint Pens (yay!) so I decided to write on one bottle and draw some grass on the other. I did a few little eggs and some grass and cute-ed (yes, cute-ed) the bottles up. I wanted to add some jellybeans but Macie was napping and any mother will tell you - nap time is sacred. I was not about to wake her up just to get jellybeans. Imagine some are in the bottle though. It makes them seem less empty and would allow my grass and eggs to stand out more. See? Isn't that better?

Next, I grabbed some plastic eggs, not the fancy ones - the cheap ones, I think this whole bag was a $1.25. I also found my handy dandy bamboo skewers since warmer weather was already on my mind and decided to marry the two. Most plastic eggs have holes in the bottom and the skewers can go right in. It's good if they are nice and tight. If it's too loose, then just hot glue that bad boy in and move on. Once I had a nice little bouquet of eggs, I put them in the jar and decided it still needed a touch of something so I wrapped the bottle with ribbon. I'm not sure it was necessary, but I didn't have the jellybeans!!

A super fast and easy little centerpiece that adds some Easter and spring to the house, even if it is awful and cold outside.