DIY Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Why, yes, this IS another one of my chemical free household cleaner posts.

You can thank me later...

I KNOW you've seen this pin floating around pinterest - the jar of vinegar with orange peels in it - promising an awesome household cleaning solution that doesn't include all the toxic chemicals.  And you know anything like that I have to jump on board with.

I already do a lot of cleaning with white vinegar - yeah, we buy it in bulk - it's basically liquid {stinky} gold around my house.  Seriously, it does just about everything.  And usually the vinegar smell dissipates pretty quickly, so it's not a big issue.

BUT - let's face it.  There are times you just don't want to smell white vinegar all day long when you clean.  (Or if you're like me, all hour long while you clean...)

So this orange peels soaked in vinegar idea really got me wondering if it was all it was cracked up to be.  And I had a friend who had done this and was singing its praises, which was all the push I needed to get started on a jar of my very own.

There are several different methods out there - I liked this simple method from Little Brick Ranch.

Here's what you'll need:

- orange peels (you can accumulate these by freezing them until you have enough peels for a jar.  or you can just chow down on a whole bunch of oranges or force them on your family until you have enough.  either way, your choice.)
- glass jar
- white vinegar

Let your orange peels soak in the white vinegar for AT LEAST 2 weeks.  Yes, this will take some serious patience, which is not my strong suit, but you can do it.

Then when you have a nice orange infused vinegar - you can fill a spray bottle half way with the vinegar solution and halfway with water.  Then spray, inhale and enjoy your new citrus cleaner.  Wouldn't this be great with grapefruit peels??  I'm addicted to all things grapefruit scented.

Have you guys tried this one yet?  What did you think?

AND - thanks for putting up with craptastic pictures.  My Nikon crapped out on me yesterday.  Sad face.  Hopefully it can be repaired!