Some Knit Baby Hats

First can we discuss how good Miranda's milkshake looked in yesterday's post and how she didn't even bring me one?? If you somehow missed the milkshake post - go and read it and then make a milkshake for me. Thanks in advance. 

Now, back to knitting. Shocking right?? Yes, I have been knitting again. Remember the baby blanket for No Name #2? And yes, she is still a nameless -- we suck at names. I had some leftover yarn from the baby blanket and decided to whip up a couple cute hats. I looked through a ton of patterns trying to find some that were A. cute B. not knit with toothpicks and C. didn't need a ton of yarn since I was planning on using scraps. 

I searched through Pinterest and saw a cute little hat from Small Things that I had actually run across once before. I hadn't really had a reason to try it before so it got lost in the pinning shuffle. Upon finding it again I thought it would be a great little hat for my little No Name. Of course, I made some changes to the pattern. I made it a lot smaller (I only cast on 54 stitches) and used a worsted weight yarn (remember, left over from the blanket) so I knit it with size 6 needles. The advantage? It sped up this little hat! I knit it in a couple nights. I also started the hat a little different. 

As I said, I cast on 54 stitches and then knit one round, purled one round, knit one round and then did an entire round of k2tog, yo. I counted all of these rows as part of the first 12 rounds and then just continued the pattern as written. What do you think?

After searching Pinterest, I rabbit trailed into Ravelry and I found one pattern and tried to pin it to save it but alas I was thwarted. Boo. It's a cute little hat pattern that is supposed to coordinate with a baby blanket from f.pea. I decided to give the hat a shot even though it had a few too many lace stitches for me. It went pretty quick. Since I have never learned to crochet -- insert disapproval here -- I skipped the crocheted edge for the hat which made mine end up a little short, but that's okay, I'm hoping for a little headed baby. Heh. What do you think?

I'm thinking about adding a flower to one or both of the hats -- thoughts? I am a little unsure if the hats need anything else to add to the girly-ness, but as Allen pointed out, they are yellow and sort of blue. Give me some advice. My pregnant brain isn't thinking like it should!