DIY Tablet Holder

I am one of those crazy people who lug my Macbook with me every time I'm trying out a new recipe or something in the kitchen.  It gets dirty and the keys get junk in them, and that's really no good for anyone.  I used to bring my Kindle in the kitchen and use that, but it was hard to see when it was laying down flat on the counter.  And sure, I COULD buy something to set it on but what fun would that be?

Once I saw this blog post from Mamie Jane's, I knew I needed this in my life.

She was inspired by a Pottery Barn tablet holder, and made her own using a cutting board and a scrabble tile holder.  SERIOUSLY.  Genius, right?  And even better - I had both of those things on hand.  I found this old cutting board at an antique store last year and it's just been sitting collecting dust.  

I used hot glue to adhere the scrabble tile holder to the front of the cutting board.  Then I used my Annie Sloan French Linen paint to cover the board.  Added a light coat of Annie Sloan wax, and sanded down some areas to give it a slight distressed look.

Mamie Jane had a VERY cool idea to glue a triangular wooden block on the back of her board.  I didn't have one laying around so I propped mine up against the wall near my oven.  But, you better believe my eyes will be peeled for the right kind of block the next time I'm out and about!

Also, are you crying for my Kindle?  I dropped it on our stone tile floors and shattered it.  And yes, this happened after I dropped my iPhone several times, replaced the screen (BY MYSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH), dropped my iPhone AGAIN and had to buy a new one from Apple...

Needless to say, I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen floors.

Anyway - ignore the shattered glass and focus on the easy, cute and functional tablet holder you can make for yourself with pennies!  You can easily find a small cutting board at your local Goodwill and make your own.