A Fancy Headband for a Fancy Baby

Can you answer something for me? Why do people always assume that babies are boys? Okay, "always" may be a slight exaggeration - but seriously - why?? It's not like babies are born with pigtails, though both my girls have come pretty close! I carry Quinn around in a carseat that has a purple blanket and she usually has a pink receiving blanket on too and yet people will constantly say "oh isn't he cute?" Why yes, SHE is. Yes, I know I need to simmer down. Anywho... 

Because of my little dilemma I've decided that Quinn is in need of some head accessories. I had some elastic from some old headbands I had made Macie but of course, three moves later I can't find it anywhere. When I stumbled onto the pin from Little Birdie Secrets for an easy headband I got excited. One of the biggest issues I always have with headbands are that they slip all over the place. This headband is made out of tights and it's wide enough that it doesn't do the crazy slide. 

Due to the fact that I'm cheap frugal and I didn't feel like going to buy new tights for this I grabbed a pair of tights that don't fit Macie anymore. Don't get weird, she only wore them once or twice - the south isn't a place for tights most of the year. This whole project took me about ten minutes and I love that. 

It's pretty easy so here goes. Grab some tights and cut the toe off. Measure your little lady's head and cut the leg of the tights a little under the size of her head. Tights are super stretchy so you can estimate it and probably do just fine. The average newborn head is about 12" if that helps. Tuck one end into the other end and pin it together so you have a circle... hello headband. Baste stitch the two pieces together - you can use your sewing machine but hand stitching it is just as easy. Once they are stitched together, pull the thread so the fabric bunches slightly. Sew the two pieces together again with a sturdy straight stitch to secure it. Now you'll have a lovely little ruffled headband. To cover the spot where you sewed the headband together, grab that little piece of toe that you cut off and wrap it around. Sew the ends together and then do a couple stitches headband itself to just secure it in place. 

That's it! Cute little headband. 

If you want to get all fancy, you can take some of those little flower or bow clips and slip them into the loop that the toe piece created and BAM new headband. Don't you love that? Genius. 

PS -- Quinn thought I was just completely hilarious while taking these pictures. Gotta love the faces from an almost two month old.