Hit or Miss Monday

Hey friends!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends - I feel like I'm seeing all these vacation pictures starting to pop up on my Facebook feed so I know some of you were out there having a blast!  We head to the beach in a few weeks and I CANNOT WAIT!

Here are our hit and miss choices for the week...

Jamie's Hit:

I can't decide if this is genius and hilarious or completely disgusting. It's sort of the meanest cake you will ever make for someone. Well I take that back, it would be meaner to leave a note for the person AFTER they've already eaten the cake. Still, this makes me laugh.

And her Miss:

Keeping in mind that we have a newborn in the house and she's high maintenance at that. She seriously wants to be held ALL.THE.TIME. With that being said, I'm pretty sure using her as a table hasn't occurred to me. Poor kid is out cold and their dad is that desperate to did into his cake that he's not even going to wait. He's just going to eat his cake right off the baby's back -- maybe someone made him a cake with a nail in it. 

And my Hit:

Oh, I have so been here.  In fact, in my younger/poorer days I was known for melting some chocolate chips, adding a huge scoop of peanut butter, mixing it together, spooning it onto a piece of tin foil and freezing.  Voila!  Homemade, cheap pb cup thingy majig.  Kinda.  

And my Miss:

This actual graphic is totally a HIT, it made me laugh out loud.  But I'm calling it a miss because if you've ever been through this, you know the long term trauma you endure.  I always think cutting my own bangs would be a great, easy, and inexpensive idea - you know, something to put a little trendy pep in my step...but it never actually ends up that way.  I'm still growing out my bangs from September.

What did you all see this week?