Hit or Miss Monday ...

Happy Monday friends! Hopefully you had a lovely and relaxing weekend, our family kept it low key after a hectic week. Miranda decided to take a toddler to a flea market, so she didn't play it quite as low key. Ha. And for the rare man reading this, I hope you had a good Father's Day -- we can't forget our three male readers...  Anyway - back to the important Monday events... First up:

Miranda's Hit - 

Any mom who has ever had a toddler knows this is true.  It's no exaggeration that ANYTIME it gets quiet during the day, I start to freak out and wonder what's going wrong.  Who knew that quiet would be hard on your nerves??

and her miss:
Ok, this IS funny so I'll give a few points for humor - but honestly, with pre packaged & convenient foods at an all time high, there's no excuse for not putting forth a little more effort for someone's birthday - like, say, swinging by the local grocery store and buying some premade cupcakes from the grocery store!  Come on!

And my hit:

Okay this just cracks me up and yet I love it at the same time. I love that this is an actual health warning from Newark NJ, as though the biggest problem Newark has is people kissing babies. If you've been to Newark you know what I'm saying! As someone with a newborn, there is nothing more annoying than someone getting in the face of my baby. It makes me crazy. Maybe Newark was on to something, we should start this campaign in Charlotte!

And my miss:

I really have no words for this. You just gotta love old school advertising. Apparently they believed that babies would sell anything, even cellophane. This could be why there are warnings on everything now. Just a thought. 

Have you seen any fun pins lately??