Hit or Miss Monday

What? It's already Monday? How did that happen? I'd tell you how time is flying and how the older I get, the faster time goes ... but then I'd really feel old - so I won't. Regardless, happy Monday to you!

Let get right to the real reason you're reading this -- first up:

Miranda's Hit:

This nose on a cup thing cracks me up. I seriously want some for my next party. I bet this gets even funnier the more you drink too...

And her miss:

Ok I'm all for occasional sappiness (well, not really but I don't judge those of you who are sappy) but this is a little silly. I get why the heartbeat thing is soothing to an infant but for grown ups?? Creepy much? Am I just too cynical?


Jamie's Hit:

I think the reason I laughed at this is because it's completely my relationship with Miranda. We have entire g-chat and text message conversations that are only sarcasm. There are times that I will be sitting on my couch laughing and Allen will look at me as though I've lost my mind and then says "are you texting Mir?" -- insert his eye roll here. Yup. Another exert of our exciting lives for you.

And my Miss:

As someone who is just getting over a horrible (and rather stupid looking) sunburn, I do NOT understand why you would intentionally allow yourself to get (a rather stupid looking) sunburn. You look like you're in pain and a moron all at the same time. I am hoping that this was a cruel joke that some friend who was supposed to help him with sunscreen played - but I doubt it. I mean really, if someone was applying sunscreen THAT long on your back and in swirls, wouldn't you question it??  And as a side note, is it me or does it look like this guy has a bird on his shoulder? 

I can't leave this post without giving a special shout out to our friend Sarah from Sairberry who sent us her miss of the week --

HELLOOOOO. no words.

Yup, I'll leave you with that for the week!