Trying to Store some Berries

I'm pretty sure that I have been blogging about strawberries WAY too much. I swear this is it. For real this time. No more after this. Of course we are at the end of strawberry season now so it really is the end -- which brings us to trying to save strawberries.

The last week or so of our lives have been insane. I mean, crazy beyond crazy. I kept telling myself that strawberry season was coming to an end and I needed to get to the local farm stand and get some berries to make one more batch of Strawberry Honey Jam and I just never seemed to make it. The other day I was determined. I called to see if they had any strawberries - they didn't yet. I called back in an hour - they still didn't, but they took my name and number (I think they were tired of me calling). An hour later they called me and said the pickers had just come in with some and they set some aside for me. I loaded my sidekicks in the jeep and off we went to pick up our strawberries. 

I may have been a little too excited about finding the last strawberries of the season because I bought more than I needed for jam. It was at that point that I decided I needed a way to keep the strawberries fresh for more than a day. The Frugals Girls seemed to have the most popular idea. Vinegar. I know - weird.

Apparently this is pretty painless. Mix one part vinegar to ten parts water. Add your berries. Soak them a few minutes and then drain and rinse. Once they're dry. Stick them in the fridge uncovered.

That's it.

Well, I did all of that. I'm not going to call this a straight fail, but my berries are looking a little ehh. They aren't fresh and perky -- they are sort of mushy and sad. I'm not sure if I did something wrong or what. Have any of you ever tried this?? How do you store your berries? Share - I need tips.