DIY Mason Jar Light

We have lived in our current home for about 6 months now, and I'm just now really getting to the nitty gritty when it comes to finishing the decor in all of the rooms.  I am so easily overwhelmed that I have to tackle one room at a time.  Our living room is just about done, so I decided I could handle moving on to the dining room.  My plan is navy blue and coral as the main accent colors, playing off a nautical theme that is {hopefully} subtle.

I've been gathering glass jars and other items, and really wanted to add a mason jar light to the buffet.  I ended up taking tips from several different blogs:

I used the tutorial from in.gredients for how to attach the light to the jar lid and used the rope/twine idea from Vintage Prairie Style.

You can get a great light kit at Ikea for around $5 and it's all ready to go.  

The easiest way to do this, and with the least amount of weird equipment is to trace around the socket onto the lid. Then, I used a nail and hammer to hammer small holes around the circle I traced.  You should now be able to pry the middle part out with scissors or a flat head screwdriver.

Attach your socket to the jar lid and get to wrapping it with twine.  I used jute twine around the socket part, and a piece of sisal rope to wrap around the cord.  You'll need to secure it with glue. And don't judge my awesome pictures with my messy house in the background.  What are you gonna do - it was project time!

I added an Edison bulb, screwed the lid on tight and ta da!  

DIY Mason Jar, the perfect touch to my dining room buffet.  I'm in love.

Next up on my to do list is definitely a chandelier of sorts - I've seen so many great ideas floating around, I can't wait to try a few more.

A few safety tips: It's probably a good idea to poke a few extra holes in the lid for ventilation, and if you are really skilled - you can use a drill bit for glass to vent the jar itself.  I won't be using mine much, mostly just for decor so I feel ok with holes in the lid.  And I chose a 40w bulb for my jar - I don't think I'd go much higher than that.

Have you tried any DIY lights?