Hit or Miss Monday

Hey friends!

Finally found a little wifi - at an adorable little coffee shop called the Flying Pig.  It's teeny tiny inside and I have my toddler in tow so it was a little touch and go as to whether I'd be able to pull off a blog post (hard to find seating, but we finally scored a table near a power outlet!) He's sufficiently entertained with a Veggie Tales movie on my iPhone so here goes this week's Hit or Miss!

Jamie's Hit:

for all of you pop culture lovers, skip this. i am not a TMZ worshiper. i have yet to understand how kim kardashian has become news also, i think naming a little girl north west is just mean for the record. soooooo - i barely know who this kid is, but i now think he is hilarious. 

And her Miss:

what??? really?? a cat beard? don't you have anything better to do? and if you love your cat why would you want to humiliate it? this cat doesn't seem very happy to me!

And my Hit:

Maybe it's because I'm 25 weeks pregnant, but this is cracking me up.  Mostly the caption underneath it.  Too funny.

And my Miss:

Admittedly, I'm not a pet person, so I apologize in advance if I offend anyone here.  I've just never understood the whole pet in a purse as an accessory thing.  I'm seeing these little dogs in purses EVERYWHERE - places I know full well you couldn't just waltz into with a dog on a leash.  So I suppose it's only fair that big dogs have the same treatment but...come on now.  I hope this is a joke ;)  It WOULD be funny to see though.

So - what hits and misses did you guys see this week?  And have you entered our fun Martha Stewart giveaway yet?