slacking... and a winner!

Happy holiday Friday friends. I have a confession to make ... I forgot it was Friday. I know, it's a travesty. My back has been giving me a lot of trouble since I had Quinn and things in our little household have been complete chaos for the last couple weeks and honestly having the 4th of July on a Thursday messed me up a little bit further! 

Excuses, excuses I know {hanging my head in shame}. Maybe announcing a winner of our Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids book will help!!

HarlemLoveBirds you are the lucky winner! Email us at to give us all your info so we can get a book out to you. I loved your comment... Macie pretends to paint everything since I rarely give her real paint (for fear of my walls being covered!) 

I promise I will get my act together this weekend and maybe even do more than one of the billion projects that I have planned....maybe. 

Oh and ps -- I completely stole the fireworks picture off of my friend Tracy's facebook page this morning after seeing the pictures she took of the festivities last night (sorry Tracy, but I love it) so I can't even take credit for that!