Tea & Coffee Station

Truth time, ok?

Organization is not my strong point.  I don't know what it is about me, but I'm totally the person who will spend 20 min rifling through piles of crap looking for something rather than spend time organizing in the first place.

Enter Exhibit A:  

Tea drawer BEFORE organization


We got a nice new Keurig Vue recently, and I felt the urge to spiff up the coffee nook to go along with my fun new machine.  And I knew I had to do something about that awful tea drawer.  

After a quick search on Pinterest, I found my plan, thanks to Make the Best of Everything.

This silverware drawer organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond fits perfectly in my little tea drawer.  I filled it up with tea, both bags and loose leaf and some honey sticks.

But I couldn't stop there!  

A basket on the counter holds stirring sticks, reusable straws for iced coffee/teas, flavored syrups, more honey and the containers for sugar and creamer.

The only thing left is to order a new k cup holder that fits the Vue cups!  Can't wait!

It's so lovely, it almost makes me want to organize other things in my house - like, my closet.