Freezing Some Cookies

I know I've said it before but canning should be an extreme sport... especially with kids. Allen decided to grow tomatoes this year and we've gotten a ton this past week. I really didn't want them to go bad so I decided that it was time to make some salsa. Due to my need to get some salsa made, I was trying to entertain the little people in the house any way I could.

As hilarious as they are, I got desperate and let Macie watch her new favorite thing -- The Big Piglet Movie. Yeah, I don't get it either. Letting her watch the movie ended up backfiring, however.

In the middle of the movie Kanga apparently makes cookies and that was all the prompting Macie needed to ask for some cookies. I couldn't seem to explain to her that I can't magically make cookies appear the way Kanga does. It just so happened that while she was ever so sweetly demanding a cookie, Allen came home. He didn't help. He thought cookies sounded good. Sigh.

It was in that moment that I remembered a pin from One Good Thing by Jillie. I've made cookie dough and frozen it before, but always in a roll. I'll be honest with you - it ended up a mess. Why didn't I ever think about rolling the dough into balls and freezing it? Am I the only one that has those - I feel like a moron after seeing this on Pinterest - moments?

Anyway, this is simple. This is a good idea. This is a way to not buy pre-packaged, preservative filled, expensive cookie dough. Make your favorite cookie recipe. Stick it in the fridge for a few minutes so it will be easier to roll. Take it out of the fridge and roll it into small balls. Put them on a cookie sheet and toss them in the freezer. When they're frozen, stick them in a freezer bag and TA-DAH. You now have individual cookies for the making whenever you want! 

I now have a bag of raw cookies just waiting so the next time Macie watches The Big Piglet Movie, I can make cookies magically appear the way Kanga does. Of course, that's assuming that Allen doesn't make too many late night snacks because who doesn't love cookies??