Hit or Miss Monday

Hi friends!  Can you believe it's August already?  Summer is wrapping up, kids will be back at school soon and I'm already daydreaming about fall sweaters, boots and pumpkin desserts.

Here are this week's Hit or Miss picks!

Jamie's Hit:

YES! I can't tell you how many jokes I have heard when people find out I knit. What happened to knitting being something cool again?? I guess not. I'm sure I'm not helping myself that I started canning, have a bad back and started going to bed early. Okay so maybe knitting isn't my biggest problem....

And her Miss:

This. Scares. Me.  I don't get it. I'm not sure I want to get it. Why why why would you make your daughter look like this? The eyes freak me out. Also, how is she going to see where she's going if she has to keep her eyes closed so her "eyes" will be open?? This seems like a bad idea all around. Just my thoughts, don't go getting offended if this was your plan for your 6 year old this Halloween. 

And my Hit:

Ok, all your Pinterest junkies fess up.  This is SO the truth isn't it?  I see these projects that I'm like, "Oh!  I could totally do that!  I have practically everything I need..." but then I realize I really only have like one thing on the list and need to hit up 12 stores to get the rest.  Ah, well.

And my Miss:

Ok, I guess to SOME people this is probably funny.  But whoa this creeps me out.  It's like the joker meets your infant or something.  BAH.  Nightmares anyone?  Please don't do this to your baby!!