Hit or Miss Monday

It's already Monday. It's amazing to me how quickly time seems to go. I keep thinking that summer needs to go slower - how is it almost time for school to start? I keep seeing back to school commercials and it makes me wonder what it will be like when it's Macie's turn to hit school. I will be.a.wreck. Okay enough of that... let's move on to Hits and Misses!

First up - Miranda's Hit:

Ok, I don't really want to punch people who pronounce vase like voz.  Mostly, I guess, because I don't really know any.  But read this to yourself and try not to at least giggle.  Something about the face/foz thing just gets me going.

And Miranda's Miss:

Umm.  I can appreciate art and creativity and painting, but I'm just not a fan of pictures of things on my rear end.  Especially faces.  Particularly animal faces.  With inappropriately placed mouths.  I don't get it?

And my Hit:

I love this. I need it on a shirt or maybe in my kitchen. I will gladly admit that coffee is my addiction. The hardest thing about pregnancy for me is the caffeine withdrawal that comes when I have to cut it off cold turkey. I love coffee. Shamelessly even. 

And my Miss:

UMMM. I really have no words for this one. Would you use this water fountain? I feel like if this were in a women's bathroom it would be the most unused water fountain of all time but in a mens bathroom.... yeah, I feel like it gets used. 

Have you seen any fun pins??