DIY Quote Candle

Hello! Our names our Alicia and Sydney from We Think Therefore We Create. We are so happy to have this chance to be guest bloggers here on The Pinterest Project! (:
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Here is a cute litte way to DIY your own faux candle decoration, using your favorite quote or song lyric! With all the different holidays coming up, this would make a perfect present for a family member or close friend--or even make one for yourself! These would also be great to customize and use as a a holiday-themed decoration. The possibilities are endless!!!
You can really use anything to decorate your fake candle. These are just the supplies that we used to create our candle:

*flameless candle *acrylic paint *Mod Podge *paint brushes (1 fan, 1 thick) *label paper *scissors
First we scrolled through our Pinterest boards to find the quote or song lyric we wanted. We chose lyrics from Coldplay's song Fix You. (We were looking for quotes that had to deal with light....because this is a candle craft....get it? haha...yeah. It made sense at the time.) Then, we just opened up a good ol' world document to layout how we wanted the words to look. The three fonts we used are: Pacifico, Rockwell, and VTKS Bandana.
Next, we printed the quote onto label paper and cut it out.
You can either leave the quote as one "sticker" or do as we did, and cut around all the words and letters to give yourself more layout options. 
Meanwhile, we painted a quick layer of metallic champagne-colored acrylic paint onto the exterior of the candle. 
We then left it to dry overnight. 
After the paint is dry, you can now peel off your sticker letters and lay them out how you want them on your candle. 
Next, take a thin feathery paintbrush and paint a second coat of the same acrylic paint over the letters and the rest of the candle. (This only works if you use a light color like we did!)
Again, let dry for at least a few hours or until paint is dry to the touch.
Once the paint is dry, take a thicker brush and apply a coat of Mod Podge to the candle. (Don't worry! This picture makes this step look a little scary but it looks fine once it dries clear.)

So let this dry for about a day (just to be safe!) and TA DA!!!! You have a b-e-a-utiful candle to use as decoration in your home. Once you actually turn the candle on, it looks even cooler!
Thanks so much for reading, if you liked this be sure to check out our other DIYs, nail tutorials, and more !! 
&thank you to the ladies of the Pinterest Project for having us. (:

 xoxo Alicia and Sydney