Hit or Miss ... and Declan!!

Happy Monday!! It's been a big weekend in our little world because MIRANDA HAD A BABY!! YAY!! I really think that she had decided that Declan had taken up permanent residence and was never leaving, but he decided to come and join the outside world on Friday morning.

Isn't he so cute?? I just was to smooch his little cheeks!

Since Miranda was a little busy this weekend and just you know, had a baby, that maybe she should get the week off of Hit or Miss soooooo, it's just me this week. First up...

My Hit:

I love this bag. I need it. There are days that I pick up my knitting to relax and think exactly this. I do knit so I won't kill people. A while back I brought my knitting with me to the doctor and they made me wait FOREVER. Maybe if I had been carrying this bag they would have thought twice about making me lose hours of my life in their waiting room. Heh.

And my Miss:

What the? I mean really, what can I even say about this? A turtle house?? I find this weird and creepy, I'm not even sure why I find it creepy but I do. Maybe I don't want to live in a house that has eyes. Maybe it's because it's a little too life like. Whatever it is - am I safe in saying this is weird??

Did you find any fun pins this week? You know we're always on the lookout!