Hit or Miss

Hey Everyone!  Hope your Monday is off to a super awesome start.  I am trying to squeak this out before the baby wakes up to eat so forgive the small talk!

Let's kick it off with Jamie's Hit:

Miranda told you a few weeks ago how we made trip with the kids to Ikea and it was quite the adventure. A few weeks before that, Allen and I had made a trip to Ikea with the girls that resulted in a lot of furniture "making." Every time I see this little cartoon I giggle because I'm pretty sure that anyone that has ever bought anything from Ikea has a story to go with it. 

And her Miss:

Ummm. This is a flat out fail. I really hope all the illiterate people out there are driving with someone that reads all the billboards out loud. It may be the only way they'll ever hear that they can WRITE for help. Yes, I know that this could be a doctored photo - but the strangest things seem to be real.

And my Hit:

Yeah - this is pretty much me. What else is there to say?  If I tell you I'm going to the potty, just ignore me...

And my Miss:

HA, this sign makes me laugh.  Reminds me when we were vacationing this summer in Oak Island, NC and there was a little store that advertised "Coffee and Worms"  Mmm, yummy.  Ok yes I'm sure that early morning fishermen need a good cup o' coffee before heading out but still - there must be a better way to advertise!

What did you guys see this week?