Oil Pan Magnet Board

Ok, yes - my sincerest apologies for yet another big boy bedroom post.  But I'm 40 weeks pregnant today and running out of steam for projects - plus, honestly Beckett's little room has turned out so cute that I'm excited to share some of the bits and pieces of it.

This is an inexpensive way to add another fun dimension to a kids bedroom or playroom - an $11 oil drip pan from Walmart and a bunch of kid friendly magnets and you have yourself a big ol' toddler sized wall o' fun.

I pinned this idea way way waaaaay back in my beginning Pinterest days - it's one of those pins that I immediately thought was cool, but never got around to just doing.  I'm here to say that was dumb.  This is a no brainer!

Head to Walmart or some other auto supply store.  You can pick up these huge oil drip pans for around $10-12 dollars.  I brought mine home and mounted it on the wall with Command strips.  (LOVE those things by the way!)

And that's really all there is to it - you can see, if you look near the bottom, there are letters imprinted in the metal.  I'm toying with the idea of painting over it with chalkboard paint, so Beckett has a chalkboard that doubles as a magnet board - and I think that would camouflage the raised letters pretty well.  

He loves this thing!  Granted, one of his favorite activities is to put all the magnets up and then slap at them until they all go flying off onto the floor, but we're working on it.  I also added a small metal bucket (on a command hook, holla!) to store extra magnets, flash cards, etc in.  I figured if I do end up painting it with chalkboard paint, the chalk can go in there too.

So tell me - how many of you have done this?  Do you love it?