From the Archives: Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Hey friends!

Here's a post from October of 2011...this is a fun little DIY gift idea that you can start working on for the holidays.  Enjoy!

Some of my favorite pins are the ones that are knock offs - the pins that link to tutorials that show you how to do something seen in a store/catalog/online for less, and sometimes they are even better than the original.

This is one of those projects!

Since I sew, everything I needed to make this adorable sewing-kit-in-a-mason-jar I already had!  SCORE.  Seriously, my craft organizational skills are embarrassing.  It's amazing I can find anything.  And it would probably amaze me how much I already have if I actually organized it...but I digress.

So here is what you need to get started - and the best part about this project is you can improvise how you see fit!  Add what you like, take away what you don't - it's easy, fun and quick!  I went through my supplies and pulled out a bunch of sewing kit items: straight pins, an extra measuring tape, pretty spools of thread, a thimble (do people use those?), buttons, etc.  I piled those into my Mason jar and got to work on the pin cushion lid.  This took me a few tries to get right.  I started with burlap fabric like the original pin, but I was having a hard time securing it just right.  It was too bulky for me to be able to actually screw the lid back on the jar.  I ended up going with a fun green fabric which was much more lightweight and works just as well.  Then I hot glued the fabric and polyfill to the lid, and it screws on easily.

I stuck some straight pins in the top, and there we go!  An adorable go-to kind of gift.  These would be fun to make up ahead of time and have on hand.  

I bought those adorable tags from Pick Your Plum.  A totally fun website that sends you an awesome deal of the day specifically for crafting!  Sign up to get their emails if you don't already.  I had the letter stamps and ink pads left over from our wedding so I put them to use!

The coolest part about this - Anthropologie has the ORIGINAL original version for a cool $48.  Mine?  Free.   And, made with love!

Just for fun - let's recap:

Frugalicious Me's version (SO stinking cute - adore the pink and the burlap together):

Anthropologie's version:

Now - go make one of your own!  The holidays are right around the corner!

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