A Giant Wooden M for a Little Girl

Happy day after Halloween. I hope everyone had a good time and that you aren't experiencing any sugar crashes in your house… those are never a good time. We had a good time taking the girls around and Macie loved showing off her newest princess dress -- Snow White. 

Yup. She's cute.

Quinn didn't get to choose her outfit so Macie decided that she should be Minnie Mouse. Yup, also cute.

So anyway, Halloween aside - I'm back to working on Macie's room. I have been a fan of giant letter since pretty much forever. The first summer Allen and I were married we were driving on an old country road on the way to the beach and I tried to convince him to stop at an old junk shop to buy a HUGE B. He looked at me like I was out of my mind and kept driving. Not cool. Now stores are selling the letters for big money. Big money. Yes, I may have mentioned that to him once or twice. I pinned a couple from Pottery Barn and Land of Nod because I really wanted one in Macie's room but (big but) I didn't want to pay the price tag. I mean, how hard can it be to make a giant letter?

I went to Lowes and after talking to a knowledgable guy in the plywood department, I bought a piece of Sureply. It's made to go under flooring, but its WAY cheaper than plywood. I got a 4'x4' piece for $10. Hello. As a special bonus it has little marks that helped with making my M. 

Because I don't have any fancy way to make a giant tracing of a letter, I grabbed a huge level that we had in the garage and drew the M with a pencil. Once the I happy with it (after a couple of times) I went back over it with thin Sharpie. 

Now for the part that freaked me out a little… the jig saw. I wanted to work on it but I was a little hesitant without anyone there because I didn't have a good way to clamp the plywood. Luckily Allen offered to help me hold it and we sort of rigged a work area with sawhorses and more plywood. I slowly cut along the Sharpie line until I had a lovely lovely GIANT M. 

After a very frustrating morning with some contractors for the house, I took the M outside to paint it. First I primed it and then spray painted it with a dark purple. That's it. Done.

After letting it dry, I hauled it upstairs and gave it a test run on my living room wall before I brought it up to Macie's room. The whole thing cost me about $15 - way better than spending big money for one.

What do you think?