Hit or Miss Monday!

It's Monday. How is it already Monday? I'm a firm believer that we need weekends need a third day. You with me? I knew you would be. What did you do with your weekend? Miranda and I got together Saturday morning and watched the older children create mayhem, the younger ones don't seem to create as much mayhem… yet. But enough about us and our chaotic toddlers and my need for another day in the weekend, let's get to out hits and misses.

First up Miranda's Hit:

This is basically what happens every night in my house.  We talk about starting a movie, look at the clock and realize we might have to stay up UNTIL ELEVEN or so and decide to catch a DVR'd episode of Restaurant Impossible instead.  Lame, lame, lame.  

and her Miss:

I mean, what really do I say about this?  Why do this?  Why?  I'm all about hair being a way of expressing yourself but...this is strange.

Here is my Hit:

I'm not trying to make fun of Ryan Seacrest here, but this made me laugh. I want to find the episode he did this because it cracks me up, and yes, it might make me feel a tad better about myself right now. Heh. 

And my Miss:

This weirds me out. Am I the only one? Why would you want an earring that's an ear? I don't get it and it's freaks me out. It's like she has a very very tiny's person's ear stuck to her head. Would you wear this? Someone explain it to me if you would.

Find anything fun this week you want to share??