Hit or Miss Monday

Happy Monday friends!  If you're like me you're going to grab yourself a cup o' coffee the size of your head and sit down to have a chuckle.

Come on!

Jamie's Hit:

I love this. We don't do the elf on the shelf in our house but my facebook feed is clogged by friends that HATE their little elf. As if Christmas doesn't come with enough stress, let's throw a weird little elf in that you are supposed to remember to move, pose, cause mayhem with  EVERY NIGHT or you kill your child's Christmas dreams! No thanks.

And her Miss:

First, this makes me laugh. Second, it creeps me out! Santa just staring me down through my window like that..eek. 

My Hit:

I laughed out loud at this one.  Because it's true.  And because I do it.  Though I am way more obsessed with instagramming pics of my kids than my Starbucks cup.  But yes, I have done both.  And yes, I know it is annoying.  Even WHILE I do it, I know I'm being annoying.  I don't even care.

My Miss:

Uh no.  No way.  The post partum me is screaming NO WAY.

What did you see this week?