A little Chicken Wire Window

Hey friends. I hope that you are staying warm and having a lovely Friday - it is cold here so personally I'm dreaming of summer. Macie doesn't agree, the child asks for snow every day. Trying to explain to a three year old that we live in the wrong part of the country for snow doesn't seem to be working so I need one good storm to hit - just one - then it can get warm again.

Anyway, enough about the weather, I have bigger news. I FINALLY FINISHED A PROJECT!!! Yes, I may have fist pumped the air. The last few weeks have been insane and every time I think I'll have time to work on something, someone gets sick (insert me) or someone stops sleeping (insert Quinn) or work calls (insert GRRR). So after more interruptions than I can count, I finished my chicken wire window memo board!

This idea isn't new and isn't that imaginative because it's been all over the place but I love it. I have a ton of old windows from my parents house so I decided to change up the chicken wire frames and make one from an old window. I've done window projects before so I won't bore you with the details of getting glass out of windows, but I will tell you this -- it works better with heat. I used an old hair dryer this time but I'm sure you could use something more tool like and professional if you have it, you know, like a heat gun. After you've gotten all the glass and glazing points out of the window, it's time to add the chicken wire.

I got some chicken wire from the gardening section at Lowes. It's relatively cheap and Allen is planning to use the left over wire for the raised bed garden he's building so it won't go to waste. I would suggest wearing gloves when you unroll the wire because the roll can get a little squirrel-ly (professional term) and it's sharp! Unroll the wire and stretch it tight across the back of your window. It will move some but, grab a staple gun and stretch and staple all the way across the top of the window. Once the top is done, it's easier to do the bottom and then stretch the wire wide and staple the sides.

Get some wire cutters and just trim the wire around the back so it can't be seen from the front and done! If you want to hang your window on the wall, put some hooks on the back. I used one hole hangers like these:

Now just hang it up!! I had some tiny clothes pins so I used those to hang my christmas cards on mine. Don't laugh - I love Christmas cards. If you send me one, I hang it up and leave them up forever. I love to see all of our friends and family. So all of you friends out there that think people just throw them out -- I DON'T! ha. Well, what do you think??

and ps - yes I know the top picture is dark... I have super weird lighting where I have it hanging and it's way too cold for me to brave some outdoor shots. sorry :(