From the Archives: Valentine's Day Blocks

Hey Friends!

Got a fun Valentine's Day themed post for you - or you could personalize these for any holiday, event or to match your home decor.  Let your creativity flow!  This is another post from the archives (January of 2012) so please forgive me.  With my work at home job, homeschooled teen, terrible 2's toddler and colicky/reflux-y infant and you know, life - it's getting a little crazy up in here.  Thanks for being patient!


I'm going out on a limb this year and embracing the commercialized holiday that is Valentine's Day.  Yes, I've decided I would throw away my VDay Grinch Hat and embrace all things pink, red and covered in hearts.

I also intend to hold my husband to a higher standard this year and demand jewelry and a romantic weekend getaway.  Ok, maybe not that part so much.

But - with all of the adorably cute ideas floating around Pinterest and with our adorably cute giveaway going on I just couldn't help but get in the spirit.

Yes, I fell in love with the LOVE blocks featured on Stories By Me.  I have JOY blocks for Christmas, why not add a little love to my decorating repertoire?

These blocks are a sweet little addition to the mantle in my living room.  I know you are wanting to make some for yourself, so here is what I used to make my blocks:

- square blocks (mine were 2"x2", but you can pick whatever size you like...or in my case, can find)
- Mod Podge or Craft Glue and a sealant
- scrapbook paper
- pictures
- letter stickers (I had some, so I used them - you can also just print letters off onto scrapbook paper like in the original blog post)
- dark paint and small paintbrush
- sandpaper

I painted my blocks with a dark brown craft paint to give them a more finished appearance when done.  Once that was dry, I cut out squares of scrapbook paper and pictures I printed off my computer.  I cut mine in 2x2 inch squares, but obviously you'll cut yours to the size of your blocks.

You'll want to paint a thin layer of mod podge or craft glue across the side of the block, and then gently smooth the paper or picture down on top.  Continue this until all the sides are covered - and you'll need to do this in steps so that one section can dry before you start the next section.

(Check on baby while the blocks are drying - ignore the doubtful look on his face and remain confident in your abilities to create cute Valentines Day blocks...)

Once all my sides were covered with pictures and scrapbook paper, I added my stickers to spell out love.  Then I used a glossy Mod Podge to add a finished coat to the top of the blocks and let dry.  If you used craft glue to adhere the paper to the blocks, you can spray them with a spray sealant.  When they were dry, I took sandpaper and gently sanded down the sides, to give the blocks a more vintage look.  (I got a little carried away on the "L" - do this part GENTLY!)  

Then I put them up on my mantle, next to the big um...platter thing we had everyone sign at our wedding.  Ah, there is love all around.  Love, love, love...all you need is love...

The original tutorial differs slightly from mine so make sure to check out that one too!