Hit or Miss Monday

Hi people!!  Ready to kick off your week with a little Hit or Miss?

Here we go...

Jamie's Hit:

Truer words were never spoken. I drive a jeep. Before kids, if the weather was warm then the doors and top were off the jeep at all times. Since things fly out of vehicles without doors, mine was always clean. With kids... not clean at all. Cheerios, raisins, fruit strip wrappers, toys, bows, headbands, socks, it is the portal to hell. 

And her Miss:

what the??? why do people do it?? i am not a cat lover but holy. how do you even get a cat to stay still for a tattoo??

And my Hit:

Um. Yes.  This.  Since having child #3, showers and meals are basically a thing of the past.  Sexy, right?

And my Miss:

Do I need to say anything?  Other than MY EYES, MY EYES ARE BURNING.  And the dog in the back of the picture??  Haaa.  Poor thing looks terrified.  Or humiliated, not sure which.

What have y'all seen?