Hit or Miss Monday

Ever have a week where you get so messed up that you forget what day it is... for three days?? Yeah, that was my week last week. I kept thinking it was the wrong day. I honestly thought Friday was Tuesday for half the day. I missed half of my own Friday!! Anywho - that's my feeble explanation for a silent blog Friday. I didn't realize it was Friday!! Miranda texted me, she saved my from my own brain and told me it was Friday. It's sad what lack of sleep does to a person. 

Back to hit or miss:

Miranda's Hit:

This is true, and this is sad.  I'm tempted to start taking before and after pics for people.  Oh who am I kidding, I send pictures of complete chaos and disaster to Jamie all the time.  She's one of the few people who has ever seen my house legit filthy.  Jamie's side note: her house is never as bad as she makes it sound.

and her Miss:

Nothing like being creative with your hairstyle.  My 2 year old is obsessed with pineapple, he might get a kick out of this.  But otherwise...why?

and my Hit:

This is hilarious. There is nothing like watching the crazy creep out of a father once he has girls. I've seen the look in Allen's eyes. People mention Macie or Quinn dating and the crazy eyes come out. He always teases that he will have the shotgun ready. Here's the thing, I'm not sure it's a joke. I love that this father took it one step further. This is completely one of those pictures where the eyes follow you no matter where you are. He will ALWAYS be watching... until his daughter stuffs the creepy eyed blanket into the bottom drawer...

And my Miss:

First, let's talk about how much I can't stand the Kardashians (sorry friends). Now let's talk about how Kris Jenner is looking at one of the ugliest bags I've ever seen. Does she realize she could make that with fabric and two hula hoops?? She should go on Pinterest more. Now that we've covered that -- let's talk about the girl who decided to photobomb this pic. Love it. Everyone else is clambering for their phones and she's like - nope. 

Happy Monday!!!!