Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

A couple months ago, I came across a can of chalkboard paint that I had purchased for who knows what project (I KNOW I'm not the only one who hoards craft supplies for the 'one day' project...) and asked on Facebook who had done an entire chalkboard wall, how messy it was, etc.  Yes I realize I am so behind the trend here with this but what can I say...all I pictured was chalk dust everywhere so I have been hesitant.

Everyone responded pretty positively about their own experiences so I started working on ours that night.  (That was before Thanksgiving)

It took awhile for me to finish - life here is a bit more demanding these days - and I'm still not 100% where I want to be with it but it's complete enough to use and enjoy and we are loving it.

I ended up going with a small but tall wall (Dr Seuss anyone?) in our kitchen.  Eventually I want to frame it out with some moulding, but for now it will have to do.  And we really like it - I can write messages up there, and the bottom part of it is just the right height for a toddler to scrawl on.

(The in progress chalkboard wall...)

Painting a chalkboard wall is pretty simple.  Here are a few tips:

- Use thin layers of paint, and let them dry COMPLETELY in between.  My can said to let each layer dry for a minimum of 3 hours.
- Once complete, let the paint cure for 72 hours.
- Once that is done, take a stick of chalk and rub it all over the wall to condition it.  Then erase.  Your wall is now good to go!
- Use chalkboard pens.  All the great look of chalk with the ease of a pen or marker and NO MESS.

Inspiration from Chevron and Flip Flops

Do you have a chalkboard wall?