Painting some Stripes... cleanly

Remember how we moved a few months ago? This idea has been rolling around in my head since then and it's FINALLY done! Woot Woot! About a year ago I was wandering around the Lowes paint section looking for lord knows what and came across the clearance rack. Danger. Danger. They had all of these little tester pots for a dollar. I was going to buy one and then it became two, then I bought all of these. 

I packed the paint pots away and waited for inspiration to strike. I kept thinking about stripes but I have had no luck with striping in the past. It's always become a hot mess. While browsing Pinterest I came across a post from A Simple Kind of Life on how to paint stripes without jacking it up. I pinned it and kept thinking about that paint. After we moved I took one look at the girl's bathroom and knew that stripes had to happen. Of course, knowing and doing are two different things. 

One day I decided enough was enough and grabbed some painters tape and got to work! First I taped off my end borders with fat painters tape. After I did that, I taped off my thin lines. I used two different widths of the thin tape to make my smaller stripes. 

After everything was taped off I got the wall color paint out. Yup, boring builder paint. This is the most important part right here - Paint the Tape. Yes. Paint right over it, or at least the edge of the tape.  This will seal your edges to make your stripes crisp. Once the paint is dry, paint your stripe colors. 

I did two coats on a couple of stripes because of the color and then once the paint was dry - Pull the tape. Now, stand back and be amazed!

Love. Love. Love. Now to finish decorating.