Hit or Miss Monday

Hey Hey Hey...

Happy Hit or Miss Monday everyone - who feels like they might want to punch good ol' Punxsutawney Phil for forecasting 6 more weeks of winter?  Although it was in the mid sixties here in Charlotte yesterday soooo if winter brings 6 more weeks of that weather, I wouldn't mind so much.

Ok on to the hits and misses.

Jamie's Hit:

This made me laugh because both attorneys that I work for LOVE speaker phone. They put everyone on it all.the.time. I hate being on speaker phone. I hate that half the office will hear what I'm saying because they have the volume so loud. Every once in a while, I make this little game where I see what I can say to get them to take me off speaker... I feel like it's a win when I hear them quick grab the receiver. Heh. Yup, small things make me happy!

And her Miss:

REALLY?? are you that lazy?? My question now becomes how did you get the nozzle off the pump and how are you going to get it back on? 

My Hit:

I can't even put into words how much I adore this mug.  Maybe it's because my husband and I have a funny little inside joke/routine where we talk in a weird voice to each other and sing this song (you have to be there...) or my mug obsession, but I seriously want. this. mug.

And my Miss:

Hmmm.  I know it's annoying to bend down when you're sweeping to pick up the dust pan, but how does this alleviate that?  I mean if you're adept enough to actually sweep up something into the tiny little dust pan, you still have to bend down to either take your shoe off or you have to be really good with your high kicks.  

Did you see anything this week?