Hit or Miss Monday

Guess what party people?? It's Monday and here in the south we are bracing for yet another major (3-4") storm. Yes, I know all of you in the north are scoffing. We don't have plows around here - it was over 60 degrees today and in the next two days we are supposed to snow and ice. What is that about??

Anyway, back to the more important Hit or Miss!

First up Miranda's Hit:

This is just funny.  Why don't people buy me funny gifts like this?  It's funny because it's TRUE. 

And her Miss:

Ok I don't know that I have ever needed to eat SO fast I couldn't wait for my food to cool a little bit.  A fan seems a bit over the top.  Too complicated for a bowl of noodles in my book!

And my Hit:

Yeah so this really happened to me the other day. I may have posted this on Facebook:

and a friend of mine sent me this pin. I fell out because it's SO true!!! And after three groceries stores and 12 freezer meals, I may have thrown in the towel and ordered a pizza. Oh the irony.

And my Miss:

Ummm. Can someone tell me why this is a good idea? Why do you want your intestines on your bathing suit? I'm all for having a suit that sets you apart but is this really the look you want to be set apart for??

Happy Monday?? Have you seen any fun pins this week??