Hit or Miss Monday


It was a snowy week last week for us Southerners. Truthfully both Jamie and I are originally from the Northeast and even still, the amount of snow North Carolina got was nothing to laugh at.  We had a good 8 inches or so in our area, and that's the most I've seen since I moved down here 10 years ago (hey that reminds me, I moved to NC 10 years ago this month! Happy Southiversary to me!)

Anyway - my kids had a blast playing outside, and I had a blast watching them from inside (Why do you think I moved South??)

It's supposed to get up into the high 60s, low 70s this week, so I don't even mind that as I type this I can still see remnants of Snowmaggedon 2014 in my backyard.

ENOUGH ABOUT THE WEATHER!  On to the funny stuff...

Jamie's Hit:

In honor of the olympics, this cracked me up. The olympics are a big deal in our house, Allen loves them so we watch the events non-stop. I know divers work hard and I know they take their sport seriously but good lord, they look like they are in pain!!

Her Miss:

Oh Valentine's day. Such a strange not real holiday. 

And my Hit:

I LOVE THIS.  Seriously, my husband gets all flustered when he tries to dress a tiny human.  This is hilarious.

My Miss:

Ummmm...??  Are words even necessary here?  But seriously, even funnier than the product itself is the caption of the pin.  "I bought some powdered water, but I didn't know what to add"  Someome please tell me this is fake!