Newest Fashion Accessory... if you're a BABY!

Cute isn't she? Underneath that cute, my daughter has a problem. Okay, she has an addiction. Anywhere you see Miss Macie, you will see a paci. I know some of you moms are cringing right now. Don't hate me quite yet!! I have lots of friends that told me the million reasons to never, ever, ever give her a paci, a binky, a plug - but here's the thing - she's a sucker and I had to weigh my options. In the end, I decided it would be easier to take a paci away from her when she got older than to cut off her thumb! Sue me.

Back to the pacis, (is that even a word?) they are easy to lose. They seem to go the way of the rogue sock on a regular basis, so we began a dance with the paci-clip. Macie likes to eat them (she likes to eat everything), so we go through them sort of quick and I am not a fan of shelling out cash for them so...

I found this handy-dandy little pin from HowAboutOrange to make my own!

Since I am now a master seamstress (oh you forgot my other post?), I thought this would be a piece of cake and got my supplies together! Here's what you need: 

Grab some ribbon (twice the length of your finished clip), fray check, mitten clip, and some velcro!

Fold the ribbon almost in half, you want to leave a little extra on one side for the mitten clip and pin it together. I didn't want to use too many pins because they make the ribbon buckle, but they do help keep it together while you're sewing.

This is the tricky part of the whole thing, you have to carefully sew around the folded ribbon, to sew it together on all sides. Once you've done that, take a deep breath and be proud of yourself (I was) and grab a mitten clip. Use that extra bit that I mentioned when you were folding the ribbon and attach the mitten clip. Once you've threaded the ribbon through the mitten clip, sew it down. I stitched it a couple times because Macie yanks on the clip a ton! Sorry I don't have a picture of the clip step, I was a little nervous about the stitching and forgot the photo-op!!

Last step - Just stick the velcro on (about 1.5-2 inches apart) and that's it... PACI CLIP!

I even made two once I got on a roll! I'm thinking of making a bunch to match a ton of outfits. It can be her new fashion accessory... yup, Macie will be a trend setter...

Maybe. Don't you want a paci-clip all of the sudden? 

What about now?? HA!

Apparently Macie has started to throw up some gang signs. Maybe she'll learn to wave next!!