Overnight Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  Way back when I was a young'un (ahem) I could never stomach it.  I would run off to classes without eating anything because it made me feel sick.  Somewhere after the birth of my first child my body started to REQUIRE breakfast.  And honestly what's better than sitting in a little diner with friends or family and chowing down on a big stack of pancakes accompanied by a steaming mug of coffee?  

But since there is no way I'd ever make pancakes every day (which is probably a good thing) - I am always on the hunt for easy, quick and healthy breakfast ideas.  You've seen Apple Pie Oatmeal, Mug Muffins, Apple Bacon Cheddar Scones (ok, those ones aren't healthy...), healthy homemade Pop Tarts, DIY Pancake Mix and about a billion granola recipes.  Clearly, I like my breakfasts...

So of course I had to add this one to my repertoire of delicious breakfast foods when I saw it on Pinterest.  Have you seen the overnight oats that are taking the internet cooking world by storm?  Jamie posted a great recipe awhile back that you can find HERE and this recipe is similar but it incorporates delicious greek yogurt and chia seeds for an added nutritional boost.  It's pretty forgiving, so customize it to your tastes and add whatever you like.  Next time I think I'll add some flax meal!  This idea comes from Iowa Girl Eats.

Here's what you'll need for one parfait

- 6 oz. plain greek yogurt
- honey to sweeten
- 2 Tblsp milk
- 1 tsp. chia seeds
- 1/3 c. old fashioned oats, uncooked
- 1 c. frozen fruit/mixed berries

Mix all ingredients except for the fruit into a small bowl.  Spoon 1/2 of the yogurt mixture into a glass jar - I used wide mouth pint jars.  Then layer your fruit on top of the yogurt mixture.  Frozen fruit works great because as it defrosts over night, the juices mix together with the yogurt for additional deliciousness.  I used a mixture of frozen and fresh fruit - just do what works for you!  Add the other half of the yogurt mixture, and top with more fruit.  Leave your jars in the fridge overnight and enjoy in the morning.  

I made a couple of these and I can already tell you they will be going into regular rotation in this house. They should last about a week in the refrigerator, so they are great to make ahead.  

The original recipe used flavored greek yogurt - if you go this route, you won't need the honey.  We only use plain greek yogurt in my house, so I added the honey for a little sweetness!  

I LOVE this recipe.  And really, how fun is it to eat breakfast out of a cute little Mason jar?