Sock Saver Tip

Sometimes a little Pinterest perusing brings a "duh" moment for me.  Hopefully it does for you too, and if not - just go with it so I won't feel like a loser.

We are ALWAYS and forever losing socks around here.  Always.  My husband does the bulk of the laundry (totally lucked out there!) and it drives him crazy to have mismatched socks and loose socks.  Seriously, read up on how he threw out socks just because he was annoyed by them.

He suggested many a time that we actually SAFETY PIN our socks together after wearing them so they go into the wash safety pinned.  That way, when they come out, they are still with their match.  Apparently this is what he was required to do as a child.  While this is actually a pretty ingenious idea and a great way to keep matching socks together - I know myself.  And there is no way I'm stopping at the end of the night to safety pin my socks together.

So when I saw this idea, I knew it was a perfect solution - keeps matches together without requiring a lot of extra time and/or effort on the part of a sleepy mama or scatterbrained teenager.  This comes from I'm A Lazy Mom (hello, love that title!)

So yeah, total lightbulb moment.  I found these small mesh lingerie bags at Target for a whopping $1.49 a piece.  I threaded a small piece of yarn through the zipper so they'd be easily hangable on the backs of doors - then, at night, you take your socks off and throw them in!  When it's laundry day, zip that baby up and toss in the washer.  Easy!

Gotta love easy tips for the little things that make you insane!