Mini Lasagnas

I’m Haley, a new blogger to the site, future preschool teacher and parent of the wildest seven-year-old-daughter this side of America. She’s also a super finicky eater and a beautiful artist, so we’re always on the lookout for great recipes and crafts, adventures which I’ll be thrilled to share with you on this website. First let me give credit to the fantastic recipe I found for this week’s post, with a beautiful food picture found on Pinterest, and the original recipe available on blog.

Mini Lasagnas Recipe

Photo courtesy of Andie Mitchell


Big News!

Hi friends!

We have some big news coming to you with today's post so grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up on the couch with a cozy blanket for a few minutes.

Jamie and I started this blog not long after we had Beckett and Macie. We had NO idea what we were doing, we just knew we loved Pinterest and we loved creating and we dove in head first. We've had so much fun over the last several years meeting and getting to know other bloggers and readers - you've seen us through the birth of children, through miscarriage, through relocations, potty training, colic and so much more.

Slow Cooker Refried Beans and Potty Training

Friday is here. Hallelujah! Macie decided (after MANY failed attempts before) that she wants to wear panties. Can I get another hallelujah?? Although I am unbelievably happy about dropping a diaper bill, potty training is no joke. It is kicking my tail. How many times can one person utter the words "Do you need to go pee-pee?" before you start to hating your own voice? I've lost count, but I can tell you one thing, I hate hearing my voice.

The one saving grace in all of this chaos is that I just did a slew of freezer meals this past weekend. I wasn't planning on using all of them so soon but they are coming in very handy. One of the meals that I decided to try this time around was Smothered Chile Colorado Burritos from Chef inTraining. I had gotten some stew beef on sale so it seemed like an easy addition to my freezer plan. In the recipe she mentions refried beans. I'm not a fan of canned refried beans so I was a little skittish but thankfully, she must've known.

Cold & Flu Immunity Smoothie

I feel pretty fortunate that my family rarely gets sick.

*knock on wood*

I mean really - while cold and flu season claims victims all around us, we are healthy here in our little bubble.  It might be because I have the most difficult baby ever and we never leave our house - but considering that no one here really got sick before he was born makes me think that we're just a bunch of naturally healthy peeps.

Also? Real food.

Seriously, I strongly believe in nourishing yourself with real, whole foods.  The bulk of money I spend on groceries each week is fresh produce. There isn't a product out there that will give you the same kind of nourishment as good ol' fashioned healthy foods.

*knocks on wood again*

Hit or Miss Monday


It was a snowy week last week for us Southerners. Truthfully both Jamie and I are originally from the Northeast and even still, the amount of snow North Carolina got was nothing to laugh at.  We had a good 8 inches or so in our area, and that's the most I've seen since I moved down here 10 years ago (hey that reminds me, I moved to NC 10 years ago this month! Happy Southiversary to me!)

Anyway - my kids had a blast playing outside, and I had a blast watching them from inside (Why do you think I moved South??)

It's supposed to get up into the high 60s, low 70s this week, so I don't even mind that as I type this I can still see remnants of Snowmaggedon 2014 in my backyard.

Snickerdoodle Mini-Muffins in the Snow

The snow has come and now it can go. We have been essentially snowed in since Tuesday afternoon because of the roads and lack of plows and the insanely large snow flakes. Can you say a lot of togetherness?? Allen was reading the news today and said that there is snow in 49 of the states in the US. Holy snow.

Some Hot Chocolate for the Cold

SNOW!!! That's right people we are in the middle snow-maggedon here in Charlotte. Supposedly as the days go on we may even lose power... fingers crossed that's wrong. But in the light of all the white stuff and cold why not make some hot chocolate??? Here's a little bit from the files!!

It's been rainy and cold and grey for the last few days here, and besides feeling like I just want to curl up in a blanket with the fireplace going and watching endless episodes of Veggie Tales with my youngest, I crave something hot to hold in a pretty little mug.  Coffee and tea are my go to beverages, which I generally drink without any sweeteners or milk - but every now and then I get a craving for something a little richer and a little sweeter.

Hit or Miss Monday

Guess what party people?? It's Monday and here in the south we are bracing for yet another major (3-4") storm. Yes, I know all of you in the north are scoffing. We don't have plows around here - it was over 60 degrees today and in the next two days we are supposed to snow and ice. What is that about??

Anyway, back to the more important Hit or Miss!

First up Miranda's Hit:

This is just funny.  Why don't people buy me funny gifts like this?  It's funny because it's TRUE. 

Wow... crazytown

This week. Wow. Miranda and I were texting today and talking about how insane things have been. We both have been running a million miles a minute in a million directions. I'm at the point that I don't know what direction I'm even heading anymore.... for example: My sitter was sick this week and I had to bring BOTH girls to the office with me. Do you know how hard it is to work while listening to Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Baby Einstein and a certain ten month old that likes to hear how loud she can get? crazy town anyone? 

Hit or Miss Monday

Hey Hey Hey...

Happy Hit or Miss Monday everyone - who feels like they might want to punch good ol' Punxsutawney Phil for forecasting 6 more weeks of winter?  Although it was in the mid sixties here in Charlotte yesterday soooo if winter brings 6 more weeks of that weather, I wouldn't mind so much.

Ok on to the hits and misses.